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The useful Solar Ceramic Cell model is an innovative design solution consisting of the following elements: ceramic layer, silicon layer, water pipes, electric conductors. Depending on its purpose, water may also be an electrolyte solution.

The ceramic block is a standard product in which the openings for water pipes, which can be rectangular or circular with a cavity of 14% to 26% and a weight of 9 kg to 7 kg respectively, are formed and arranged according to the design cavity. In the openings of the ceramic block are built-in water pipes and cable conductors.

After the production of the traditional ceramic block is applied an additional coating of the outer building part of the block of amorphous silicon which has the following properties: accumulates and transforms the light and electromagnetic energy during the day into heat; at night it radiates light and the accumulated is given away.

"Solar Ceramic Cell" has the following advantages: improved structural durability to sharp temperature changes; solar and electromagnetic energy storage, power generation, heat and light emission, higher resistance to microwaves and high resistance to mechanical and climatic influences.

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